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In recent years, the idea around self care have been gaining more attention around the world. We are all beginning to realise that life can get so busy, we forget to look after ourselves. This simple idea, is what we today call self care.

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It has brought me so much joy in recent months, noticing how much importance those around me, and you, are putting into self care. But it doesn’t move us away from the fact that, even though it sounds simple, it is quite tough to know where to begin.

Below are some great tips on where to start and here is a video I made about it recently, or you can read the full post below. I promise, there are so many ways to incorporate self love into your life!

Feeling lost? Well I’ve got you covered my love.

I’m here to share my insight on how to start the journey of giving yourself the love you deserve.

It’s time to invest in yourself ????

1. Familiarise yourself with your routine

One thing we can do is start to become aware of the things we spend most of our time on during the day. Is it your job, your family, or something mindless like social media. We can start to drown ourselves in so many things that have nothing to do with us, we push ourselves to the bottom and don’t allow ourselves to have one mindful minute, let alone a self-care day. Familiarise yourself with your routine to learn where your time is going. Try this little tip to start, when you sit down, tell yourself ‘I am about to sit down,’ and then when you stand up, tell yourself, ‘ i am about to stand up.’ See if you can recognize this 5 times in your day.

2. Become aware of when to practice self-care

Dedicate 5 minutes in your day, maybe once or twice and make them all about you. We can start to drown ourselves in endless to-do lists and end the day feeling exhausted and not having a minute to spare for ourselves. Well, it’s time for that to change, learn how to use each minute to benefit you, and give yourself care. Try checking social media or emails only twice a day, give yourself a time slot and see if you can stick to it.

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3. Learn what self-care you need

Some people need that physical act of care, some people need a silent walk and some people need to be alone. This journey of self-discovery is to help you learn what is best for you for each moment.

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4. Each day is different and requires different self-care. Be open to that.

We might have a perfect self-care routine planned and be able to successfully stick to it. But be prepared for life to keep you on the edge and make sure no matter what happens you are able to prioritise self-care.

You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else ????

Sending you lots of love and light towards your journey. Check out my blog on how to create your own happiness here

Lots of Love,

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